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The Game

Garbage – fighting simulator game for PC. You start by controlling one person and learn how to sustain your hygiene, warmth and hunger. It is not as simple as it seems, you need to constantly defend the area that you live in from other malicious homeless people or even criminal gangs. This is why you start training and choosing your fighting style and skills. However there are some faith in humanity left and you find some friends and even followers who decide to join you. Now you start to become the leader of your own gang and management becomes your main issue. Food, shelter and protection is the main things you struggle with. Beat your enemies up to acquire materials, food, and respect. Train and personalize your fighting style to kick ass your way. Further, in the game, as you recruit more fellow hobos, you will be able to adjust fighting strategies and tactics to your preferences. But this is only the beginning… It’s going to be a bloodbath…


Blam! Straight into the kisser! That's right; there are a lot of faces that need rearrangement in the world of Garbage, and guess what, you're no stranger when it comes to modifying someone's facial features. Do not underestimate your enemies, though; they will get stronger as you advance through the storyline. There's no way around it. You will have to fight them to acquire precious materials and food. Therefore, you will have to spend a considerable amount of time on training. Your body is your temple, and in that temple, there are three combat skill trees that will enable you to personalize your fighting style.


There's no place like home! Don't be homeLESS; be homeMORE. No. Just be a hobo with a place to sleep, get warm, and shower. Use your own very hands to build these essentials with the option to upgrade later on in the game as you develop your skillset. Certain home base innovations will be life-changing, revolutionalizing your style of play.
Hobo-chi. Tamagotchi. Do you get it?? You have to look after yourself. Make sure you don't get infected, freeze or starve to death. So, stay clean, warm, and manage your food accordingly. Don't beat yourself, treat yourself!

Control districts

It was all a dream... Yes, you made it. You are the boss, the don dada, the honcho. You are the one calling the shots; there is a gang of hobos awaiting your orders. Manage them wisely, and bathe in success. Take control of areas to get daily scrap income, beg for money, cook, complete tasks/missions/chores, anything that will bring more capital into your hobo tycoon. After all, the more bums you manage, the higher the income as well as the food consumption. It is your goal to make the streets tramp-friendly by clearing them off violent gangs and criminals. If not you, then who?!


Life is rough out here! You have just woken up beside a dumpster without any memory of how you got there or who you are. However, those lost memories will return to you with the help of characters you bump into along the way. As it is all coming back to you, the streets are getting more ruthless. Murderous gangs and criminals dictate the laws of the underworld, taking care of anyone in their way. You are not an exception, so be prepared for carnage.